Innovation through diversity?

Diversity – one of the most important topics at the moment. As society changes and diversity and inclusion become more important than ever, Companies must incorporate diversity as well. At the moment, having a diverse workforce, is one of the most important qualities in order to be and stay successful in todays society. How doesContinue reading “Innovation through diversity?”

A new financial crisis?

Student loans are a highly discussed nowadays. Some people think they are extremely beneficial, while others suggest they could cause a second financial crisis. So the question is who is right? Are student loans a good solution to high tuition fees or will they cause another recession? Advantages of Student Loans Nowadays a University degreeContinue reading “A new financial crisis?”

Companies vs. COVID-19

CORONAVIRUS – a word everyone is afraid of right now. This new virus has the whole world in chaos. Majority of countries are in Quarantine – others in complete lockdown with absolute nobody leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary An important question to ask is how dangerous is this virus really, not only for usContinue reading “Companies vs. COVID-19”

2007 – who stole my money?

2007 – a year which led to too much suffering. The much-asked question though is, who is to blame for this massive financial crisis? Consumers blame bankers, while bankers blame consumers and regulators blame the government … Who is right in this chaos? Consumers to blame? Some might argue that the consumers should have lookedContinue reading “2007 – who stole my money?”

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