Innovation through diversity?

Diversity – one of the most important topics at the moment. As society changes and diversity and inclusion become more important than ever, Companies must incorporate diversity as well.

At the moment, having a diverse workforce, is one of the most important qualities in order to be and stay successful in todays society.

How does diversity benefit a company? Is it simply for public image purposes or is it more valuable?

Innovation through diversity?

Benefits of diversity in the workplace

Public image is definitely one of the benefits of diversity. A diverse workforce will attract a bigger and more diverse consumer base, thus leading to more sales and profit for the company.

However, one of the more important benefits is innovation. Companies have to be able to keep up with the change of society and economy and diversity can harvest more creativity and greater innovation, since there are so many different cultures and ethnicities coming together. People with different experiences or heritages have different ways of thinking, different ideas and different approaches, which makes innovation and creativity easier

Another benefit could be that people are more motivated. Since there are new ideas ad perspectives, people might feel the urge to do better, to step outside their comfort zone, which leads to a more effective workforce.

How can we successfully achieve it?

There are many possible ways to achieve diversity in the workforce, such as measuring diversity, have role models and have certain mangers whos’ job is specifically to ensure diversity.

However, it is important to ensure a person isn’t hired for their ethnicity, but much rather their ability, which makes measuring diversity so difficult.

There is no correct way to establish diversity, but my suggestion would be to hire from all parts of the world and hire people based on abilities. Try to avoid unconscious bias and you will find achieving a diverse workforce isn’t actually as difficult as expected.

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